October 1st Friday: A Commission in Indianapolis

UGPA installs a commissioned performance at The Harrison Center for the Arts, in Indianapolis, IN on October 7th as part of a gallery show entitled

 Death Becomes Her.  

Artists’ Statement:

Performers: Bruce Benedict & Pj Maske

      A man and a woman in a defined space interact with objects for visual and/or aural effect.  The music that you hear is original composition by musician Bruce Benedict based on poems about death and grieving by 19th century writer Thomas Hardy.  It is therefore neither entirely contemporary, nor entirely Victorian.  The materials with which the performer interacts and the ways in which she uses them are also neither entirely Victorian nor entirely contemporary.  By interacting with historical objects in a modern setting we are reminded of our cultural identity and the ways in which the past has worked to create the present.  By imposing a nostalgic aesthetic upon the embodied performance of music, and sound-producing physical enactment, the installation invites viewers to consider their own personal or social mourning practices.

Such is the nature of performance installation; because we are persons with bodies, we subconsciously experience an empathetic reaction when we find other bodies in an overtly performative state inhabiting the same space as we are.

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