The Game(ing) Show

Combining game play with live performance in a way that lets the audience play the performance, or play the play.

The Game(ing) Show
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 / 7:30 PM / $5
King’s Barcade / 14 W Martin St / Raleigh, NC

Poster Art by John Kantz

The play’s the thing: In contemporary American culture gaming is a significant pastime for millions and has developed into massive global industry. Some of us get it and some of us don’t. Inspired by the rich gaming industry here in the Triangle we decided to explore the art and psychology of game play. A group of like minded people came together: fine artists, film makers, game designers, writers, and actors.

The process: Over the course of 2 months we designed a framework for performance that lets the audience create and control the play through various game mechanics.

The people: Tim Randall (game designer), Richard Butner (actor/writer), Jason Bailey (actor), John Kantz (poster art), Alice Turner (actor), Mary Forrester (actor), PJ Maske (director) Drew Martin (filmmaker), Olivia Griego (actor/director), Lisa Wood (artist), Mollie Earls (artist), Manning Pruden (artist), Evan Mitchell (movement specialist), Amber Wood (writer), Jon Haas (video editor), Kieran Moreira (filmmaker), Paul Kilpatrick (actor/producer), Jeff Buckner (actor).

We are unaware of another group doing anything quite likes this before, so we are in uncharted territory. We have had to build the performance framework from scratch. The live-ness of performance always carries with it inherent risk. And throughout the process we have been challenged especially by our own goals; to build a framework for performance that is audience controlled without being “choose your own adventure,” or pure improv. We think we’ve hit on something. Come over and let us know what you think.

Calling all Patrons of the Arts! We have a Kickstarter underway for The Game(ing) Show, so help a player out!