Collaborating Artists

This is a list of artists with whom we have had the privilege of working.  Click on their names for links to their own websites or resumes.

in Michigan

Angie Yetzke

in North Carolina

John Jimerson, Actor

Richard Butner

Marie Garlock, Performer

Jon Haas, Media Artist

Sam Corey, Performer

Lucius Robinson, Performer

Paul Kilpatrick, Artist of Many Trades

Alex Young, Performer

Heather Cannaday, Dancer/Choreographer

John Tab Miller, Percussionist

Olivia Griego, Actor

Amber Wood, Actor

Amy Quinn, Designer

Gabrielle Duggan, Fiber Artist

Jason Bailey, Actor

Mary Forrester, Actor

Alice Turner, Actor

Lisa Wood, Musician, artist of many trades

Jeff Buckner, Actor

Bevel Summers, Band

Rajeev Rajendran, performer

in Indiana

Liz Janes, Singer/Songwriter

Nick Carpenter, Actor

Lindsey Johnson, Actor

Katie MacDougall, Actor

Jessie Dyer, Designer

Motus Dance Theatre Inc.

Katie Kasper, Dancer/Choreographer

Ladonna Goshow, Performer

Elyce Elder, Visual Artist

Kate Lamont, Vocalist

Sarah Graub, Vocalist

S. Jane Mills, Designer

Debra Silveus, Dancer/Choreographer

Andrew McGaha, Photographer

Christina Maley, Performer

Katie Bacone, Dancer/Choreographer

Joseph Lehner, Sound Artist

Nina Ryan, Dancer

Ebenezer and the Hymnasters, music collective

Christa Shoot, Actor

Carrie Claycomb, Visual Artist

in London, UK

Ariel Moreton

Fiona Fouhy

Filippos Kanakaris, Performer

Lada Bonacci, Performer

Luke Wallens, Writer/Director

Sarah Jane Barnes, Musician

April Fredrick, Musician/Vocalist

Darryl Chen, Musician

Sarah Calver, Performer

Amy Poulsom, Photographer

Mahela Rostek, Designer

Bruce Benedict, Musician/ Songwriter